ARK of the Arts
No. 6
Piraeus 254




A crash test of what you can hire was amusing even for the famous singers like Sakis.

A dream
comes true

      For a long time Greek musicians did not had the opportunity to attend an exhibition of musical instruments, equipment and things that may interest them in the music field. The latest models of drums and amplifiers along with some rare and expensive pieces of equipment could only be reached through magazines or the internet. Concert producers had no idea of what was available to fulfill the demands of groups that were invited to perform their shows in Greece. Therefore an exhibition of musical equipment, was more than our personal dream. It was a necessity for artists, musicians, producers, sound engineers, recording studios, etc.

      The idea of this exhibition was spinning in our minds for many years, not only to promote our company but also as a dream .Someone had to line up drums, pedals, amplifiers and keyboards in order to give the opportunity to the musicians-customers to compare everything by themselves and all this at the same time! But this dream wasn't easy to become real. Many difficulties held us from making this move all those years. The right place and the right time were finally found. Hundreds of amps lined up. People making noise and having fun! Musicians expressing their musicality. People enjoying the live performances...

Our dream came true..At last...